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How to Play Football Squares

Basics of the Game: Start with an empty 10 by 10 grid. This will give you 100 Squares that you can let your Users select. Now assign one team to the columns, and one to the rows. Begin recruiting your Users to join your Football Squares pool. If you use our site to Play Football Squares Online,... ...

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You could set it up so that you have a different set of numbers for each quarter, for example. You’d need to modify the square accordingly or have 4 separate squares. You could set it up so that there are 2 sets of numbers, one for the first half and another for the 2nd half. Or, if you don’t have a lot of players, you could set up a 5X5 grid instead of a 10X10 grid.

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Enter teams and players. You enter the names of two teams and between 1 and 100 players. Randomly populate squares. Click the “+” symbol and our app randomly distributes the players on a 100 square grid. If you have 4 players, each player will have 25 squares.

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Football squares are fun way for anyone to enjoy regular football games and follow the Supper Bowl excitement. We'll teach you how to set-up and play this c...

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Step 1, Draw a 10x10 grid on a large poster board with a permanent marker. You want each square to be large enough to record your players’ initials and numbers. The grid should have 100 squares in all—1 for each player. Ideally, you should have 100 players total, but this isn’t a hard rule. Use a ruler to keep your lines straight as you draw.[1] X Research sourceStep 2, Create a grid in a word processing program if you don’t want to draw it. Making a grid digitally is as easy as ...

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Set-up. Draw lines dividing the poster board into 11 x 11 squares (draw 10 lines horizontal, and 10 vertical). Pro-tip: Leave a little space on the top and left edge to write the team names. Write the team names. On the top edge write one Team Name (49ers), on the left edge write the other Team Name (Chiefs) Have people ‘buy squares’ for $1 each.

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Create a 10-by-10 grid on a sturdy piece of paper and write the name of the home team on the top line and the name of the visiting team down the left side of the grid. The visiting team is written in a vertical manner. Sell squares to friends, family and coworkers.

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Draw a large square and divide it into the boxes--10 across and 10 down. Leave some space in the margins outside of the top and left side of the grid because you will need to write numbers there later. Make your boxes large enough for players to clearly write their names inside. Fill up the boxes.