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Act as a decoy on offense. LIBERO. This position focuses on defense. Liberos only play in the back row and often receive the attack or serve. Players with good passing and defensive skills have the most success at this position. However, liberos do play a key role on offense. They need to be able to turn the first touch into a solid pass to the setter.

Volleyball Positions - Understanding Volleyball Player Positions

Playing Positions in Volleyball. Volleyball positions in a team: Outside hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Right side hitter (wing spiker, right side) Opposite Hitter (attacker) Setter. Middle Blocker (center, middle hitter) Libero. Defensive Specialist.

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Volleyball positions on a team consist of 3 front row players and 3 back row players. Players in the front row are attackers, blockers, and maybe a setter. Players in the back row are passers, diggers and also maybe a player setting. On a sideout, the players on the team that won the rally rotate positions clockwise around the court.

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Characteristics: This is the second best defensive player in the team who plays in the back row that is behind the libero. Such volley ball positions is the semi master of the fundamentals of volleyball like digging, passing, serving and setting. One of the quickest and shortest players of the team.

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While on defense, they will cover the center area on the net and try to block any attack with the opposite and outside hitter. On offense, the middle hitter must be able to read the set and adjust. They will also act as a decoy in order to spread out the opposing blockers.

What is a decoy in volleyball? - Answers

What is a decoy in volleyball? - Answers. For example, when the outside hitter comes behind the middleblocker and hits, the middle blocker will jump up while the outsidehitter behind the middle...

Volleyball Positions On Court - 6 Roles & Rotations

This player is usually a lesser-skilled player in the back row that is moving from the front. Once the Defense Specialist replaces this player, it will be counted against the team’s allocated substitutions. He can also play any volleyball position, front or back row. In some cases, both the Defense Specialist and the Libero can play together.

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The main volleyball positions in volleyball are setter, outside hitter, libero, middle hitter, and opposite. The setter position is usually considered the most important. The setter is like the quarterback. The setter touches the ball more than any other player. The setter runs the offense and is the player "in charge" out on the court.