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7.b.3 Net faults and Interference in Volleyball

11.4.4 Interference – • A player interferes with play by (amongst others): •-touching the net between the antennae or the antenna itself during his/her action of playing the ball, •-using the net between the antennae as a support or stabilizing aid • - creating an unfair advantage over the opponent by touching the net

Volleyball Net Rule

If the setter is in the net or sets the ball then lands in the net, this net contact is legal as long as the contact doesn't create an advantage, interfere with play, and there isn't contact with the top tape. Remember, players and coaches aren't yet used to the new net rules.

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The higher the pass to the setter the more time there is for interference. It is also likely that while a setter may overcome the issue in practice there still may be times it happens in a match. Sometimes bringing the hands up later and snapping them into position can help a setter overcome the issue by initiating a more athletic movement than pre-setting the hands.

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When your team is receiving your back row needs to be allowed to play the ball without confusion or interference. Your coach should give you direction on their expectations for this. Sometimes teams will stay in their beginning positions for one possession of the ball, then transition and switch after sending their attack over.

Volleyball Referee Signals for Officiating Volleyball

Volleyball Referee Signals for "Replay" Anytime a rally must be replayed, signal a replay by holding two fists above the shoulders with thumbs up. A rally may be replayed if an object or ball comes on the court during play and causes a safety concern or causes interference or when both teams commit a fault at the same instance.

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The setter in volleyball is like the control tower or the mastermind behind the entire game’s flow. Basically, the setter is like the point guard in basketball or the quarterback in football. This player is usually the leader on the court who calls the plays. The setter typically gets the second touch out of the possible three touches in a rally.

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Learn all about volleyball substitutions in this article. TA – Total Attempts – This is a statistic that tracks the total number of attack attempts. This should equal all kills, plus errors, plus “0” attacks. So K+E+0=TA. Target – In volleyball, a target is a place the passer or setter is imagining that they intend to send the ball ...

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Violations. You cannot hit the ball twice during a set. Such “double hits” will cost your team a point. Contacting the ball with your body above the net constitutes an illegal block. If you touch the ball at the same time as a blocker on the opposing team, you also commit an illegal block.